University of Calcutta (CU)

The The University of Calcutta (CU) is a state university located in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). The Calcutta University Act came into force on 24th January 1857 and a 41-member Senate was formed as the policy making body of the university. The university has total of 14 campuses, several research centres in different fields of Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, Commerce and Management spread over the city of Kolkata and its suburbs.

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS)

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS) has been set up under West Bengal Act XIII of 2002, for better management of the health and medical education related courses. Since 2003, the University took up the responsibility of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Post-doctoral courses, including the Ph.D programme in Modern System of Medicine, Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Ayurvedic System of Medicine, Unani System of Medicine, Nursing Education, Pharmacy Education, Dental Education, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Education on other paramedical courses like Occupational Therapy and Prosthetics-Orthotics in the state of West Bengal.

Joint Academic Programme on Biomedical Instrumentation (JAP-BMI)

The University of Calcutta was conducting a Master of Science degree course in "Biomedical Instrumentation" (BMI) for past ten years. At present, the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between the UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA (CU), Kolkata and THE WEST BENGAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES (WBUHS), Kolkata for the JOINT ACADEMIC PROGRAMME on "BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION" has been formalized on 3rd March, 2015 and broaden the scope of academic collaboration between CU and WBUHS in the fields of professional education. The growing application of applied elctronics and instrumentation in Bio-medical sectors is gaining significant momentum with many emerging themes within the medical and healthcare communities. Consequently there is an increasing demand to train a large number of honours graduate students to augment and extend their knowledge under the general umbrella of "Biomedical Instrumentation".

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